Medical Weight Loss
Imagine . . . Making peace with food and with your body.

I am sorry to say . . .

But there are very few, if any, weight-loss diets that consistently produce lasting weight loss.

And yet, we have a culture that blames the individual when they “fail” at their diet.

When so many people are consistently unsuccessful with the same intervention, is it possible that the intervention isn’t working?

Furthermore, is it possible that the diet culture is actually creating harm?

The answer to both of those questions appears to be yes. In several studies, yo-yo dieting and dramatic weight fluctuations has been associated with many of the health issues that are attributed to obesity.

Weight loss diets may also increase the risk for developing eating disorders in susceptible individuals. Furthermore, research is just beginning to show that other factors, such as the bacteria in our guts as well as the amount of pollution in our neighborhoods all has an impact on our body weight.

Dr. Danielle Miller wants to help you achieve your best health.

Her treatments are very likely going to include dietary explorations and exercise prescriptions. Additionally, she will use other measures, including how you feel as well as laboratory testing, to help track your progress.

Dr. Miller may also recommend detoxification routines, in addition to protocols to improve the bacteria in your gut, as those are associated with metabolic issues.

Dr. Miller knows that weight loss is difficult- and she also knows that there are easier ways to go about it!

If you are struggling with hormonal issues such as hypothyroidism, imbalanced sex hormones, or insulin or leptin resistance, then you will be fighting an uphill battle.

With over 6 years of experience in prescribing GLP-1 medications such as Victoza/Saxenda , Ozempic/Wegovy, or Mounjaro; Dr. Miller has helped people lose thousands of pounds and keep it off.

If you are ready to explore the factors that are contributing to your weight gain, find answers about why you cannot lose weight, and take control of your health, call and schedule your visit today!